If You've Never Stayed At A Bed And Breakfast, Here's What You're Missing Out On

There are plenty reasons why you should give B&B’s a chance. For starters, it totally different than anything you’ve done before and it’s way cheaper.

Planning a getaway? Before you start checking the rates at the most popular hotel in town, we have a different idea for you: a bed and breakfast. That’s right, stay in a room at the home of someone who knows your destination best.

Most people aren’t quite sure what to think of a bed and breakfast. Either they have misconceived notions of the kind of service they’ll get and the type of people who run the places, or they just have no idea how these quaint establishments function. The truth of the matter is, bed and breakfasts are different, but in a completely great way. Here are 11 reasons why B&Bs are a unique experience you never realized you were missing out on.

  1. You will often pay less than a hotel.

Homeway.com came up with a revealing infographic that compared average prices of hotels and B&Bs in major cities. In New York City, the average hotel charges $217 for a night, while a B&B comes in at around $169. That’s almost $50 less a night!

  1. Forget your continental breakfast — at B&Bs, you can get a homemade breakfast.

That delicious-looking pastry is the “famous” pecan sticky bun at Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck, Mich. The buns are part of their Champagne Brunch, which also includes apple bread pudding, vegetable frittatas and “Sugar And Spice Popovers.” We’re pretty sure you don’t get anything even close to that at your hotel’s sad continental breakfast.

  1. Most amenities are free and much better at B&Bs.

How many times have you wished your hotel would at least offer free wi-fi? Seriously, even Starbucks has that. Well, chances are, if you stay in a B&B, not only will you have free wi-fi, but complimentary parking and concierge services, too. Plus, while a hotel concierge might lazily direct you to a kiosk littered with impersonalized (and likely outdated) tourist pamphlets, many B&B owners are seasoned locals with a wealth of knowledge about the locale. Since these people were most likely born and bred in the town, you know they will happily tip you off to the best restaurants and things to do.