What to Expect at a Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast sounds pretty self-explanatory; a house or cottage that gives you a bed to sleep in, and breakfast in the morning. But as many of us who have stayed in B&Bs, or owned them, we know that there is so much more to them. More private than a hotel and often with more amenities, a B&B is always catering to the specific wants and needs of each visitor.

If you are an avid hotel-goer, and have never stayed at a bed and breakfast, this article is for you! There are a few differences if you stay in a B&B in the US, versus in Europe or other countries, but many are quite similar. Here is just a short list of what you will expect in many, but obviously not all, bed and breakfasts.


The most obvious amenity you can expect is breakfast! Most B&Bs have quite elaborate menus for breakfast, with chefs on site to provide you with a variety of items that change from day to day. In some B&Bs, breakfast is served in one area where everyone eats together. In others, you can eat privately in your room, on a patio or balcony. Make sure to ask about dining arrangements when you make reservations.

Fresh Cooked, Diet Oriented

Because B&Bs have a chef and use fresh ingredients in their meals, it is much easier for them to cater to your dietary needs. Maybe you are a vegan, or you can’t have glucose. If this is the case, let the B&B owner know when you call, and often times meals can be designed specific to those needs. And don’t be afraid to ask; this is one of the defining characteristics that separate a B&B from a hotel.

Wifi and TV

Like most hotels and resorts, B&Bs almost always have wifi and cable TV. Make sure to ask if the wifi is complimentary or an additional fee.